Cooperation agreement between Rome Business School and Società Geografica Italiana

The Rome Business School is delighted to announce that it has reached a cooperation agreement with the historic and prestigious Società Geografica Italiana (the Italian Geographical Society).

The Società Geografica Italiana was founded in Florence in 1867 with the aim of promoting geographical culture and competencies and, from its very inception, it was committed to the exploration of recently discovered lands. Currently, the Society’s activity is mainly focussed upon the promotion of scientific research and on dissemination activities, which are realised by means of study programmes and research on various locations and on the environment, a lively publication activity, the organisation of conferences and study travels, and by closely cooperating with associations and institutions with similar interests and with other geographical societies, both Italian and foreign.

The agreement between the Rome Business School and the Società Geografica Italiana intends to provide further motivations and stimuli for the cultural growth of future leaders on a global scale, by involving the Society in teaching activities and the organisation of seminars and cultural visits.

The partnership was formalised on the 31st of October by Filippo Bencardino, President of the Società Geografica, and by Antonio Ragusa, Founding President of the Rome Business School.

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