Cooperation Agreement Between Rome Business School And Tribuna De Salamanca

The spanish magazine becomes member of the Rome Business School’s International Business Commitee and will offer opportunitites of internerships and project works to selected students

TRIBUNA DE SALAMANCARome – Salamanca, 30 December 2011

Rome Business School, represented by Valeria Caggiano, PhD, Director of International Programs, and the spanish magazine Tribuna de Salamanca, represented by Richard Dighero Viteri, Marketing Director, have signed a cooperation agreement aimed to help both parties to achieve their educational and business objectives.
On the basis of this agreement, Tribuna de Salamanca becomes part of the Rome Business School’s International Business Committee, whose members are leading companies, managers and professionals. It will be provided with opportunities to collaborate in the development of the international training programs and gain specific visibility through speeches, lectures, case studies an other educational activities.
On his part, Tribuna de Salamanca will provide selected Rome Business School’s students with an opportunity to carry out internships and/or project works, thus augmenting their instruction with actual work experience and on-the-job activity in their chosen career field.


Back in 1998 TRIBUNA de Salamanca launches its online version, perhaps becoming the first newspaper in Castilla y Leon which combines both formats (now clearly stated as not only different formats but business models also) TRIBUNA de Salamanca’s rebirth took place the 10th June 2011. Following its tradition as an innovative newspaper, on its online-only model, TRIBUNA focuses on a citizen-oriented newspaper: readers have to be by far much more involved in both “knowing about” and in “telling something about”. Here, social networks, blogs, bloggers and forums have a determinant role.
The revamped TRIBUNA de Salamanca is launched with over 21 bloggers “on the payroll”, and in the following week, this number was doubled as a result of people’s requests to become part of this new project called TRIBUNA: an old business model now revamped and adapted for a imminent lifestyle “in 2.0”.
News, entertainment and commercial information are just some of the pillars of TRIBUNA de Salamanca’s business model. Furthermore, we like to think of TRIBUNA as a newspaper that blends the best of the media agency-marketing world, with the traditional newspaper-journalism, dynamic world.
In few words, TRIBUNA de Salamaca wants to become a reliable news and media partner in Salamanca, Castilla y Leon.

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