Rome Business School Nigeria: Company Visit to FIDSON HEALTH CARE PLC

On the 8th of February 2019, the Rome Business School Nigeria’s Master in Marketing and Communications students in Nigeria visited Fidson Health Care Plc.





Fidson Health Care Plc. is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturing company in Nigeria, relentlessly pursuing the goal of becoming a leading player in the pharmaceutical landscape in Nigeria. The company is into a technical collaboration with various overseas manufacturers, most of whom are market leaders in their areas of specialization in order to deliver unique products and cost-effective services. Fidson has over the years of her existence, crafted the pharmaceutical architecture of the industry, playing very defining roles in the emergence of the new generation of industry players. The tremendous and phenomenal growth of Fidson, without a doubt, has been guided by Providence and a team of young, passionate, dedicated and goal-driven field personnel, seasoned managers and a visionary management team driven by a passion for excellence and credibility.


In our commitment to producing better managers for a better world, part of our operational priorities as a Managerial Training and Research Institute is to make our programmes as practical as possible, constantly keeping our students in touch with reality in a constantly evolving world.


In so doing, the company visit activity was inculcated as a compulsory part of our Master Programs. The company visit is the platform where our students visit companies in groups to understand the practicality of the programs they are involved in thus linking class to reality, enhancing better understanding and globally accepted standards.


During their visit, the students were exposed to practical and applicable contexts as it is presented during in-class lectures, they were involved in interactive engagements, case studies, and practical analysis, networking opportunities, as well as recommendations.

They were able to identify ways to communicate effectively in a business environment (internal & external), understand the importance of the presentation skills and public speaking in the business world, understand how the departments within an organization such as Human Resource, Accounting & Financial, Marketing and Sales join their forces to achieve the business’ goals and meet deadlines, understand how important it is for each organization to have corporate culture and CSR strategies, identify the scope of internal policies and how they can be applied to benefit the organization, understand how to work and to collaborate with others in teams and develop networking skills.


The company visit is one of the most anticipated activities of our students and we are committed to making the learning experience of our students to be world class and highly memorable

Join us in our journey as we work together to producing Better Managers for a Better World!

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