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Gruppo Jobel

Gruppo Jobel is an international cultural organization that has committed to raising awareness and engagement about social and environmental issues through artistic and educational programs since 2000.

Working both globally and locally, it supports governments, institutions, UN Agencies, NGOs, the private sector, educational organizations, and local communities to deliver cultural messages related to sustainable visions, turning carelessness into responsibility.

The belief behind their operations is that art and creativity can play a critical role in producing the global mindset needed to achieve the goals, inspiring, energizing, shaking, and spreading commitment and information among local and international communities. And this is exactly what they do.

Gruppo Jobel promotes the value of art and creativity, working alongside young generations of creatives and global partners to develop engagement about social and environmental topics, disseminating good practices and a sense of responsibility about the active role that new generations should play as leaders of social and environmental improvement.

Specifically, the organization has designed different educational programs to collaborate with schools, universities, communities and cultural centres around the world.Therefore, it designed specific educational programs to collaborate with schools, universities, local communities and cultural centres. 

Some examples:

  • Thematic entertainment (performances, storytelling, shows, etc.)
  • Site specific events to valorize contexts and locations
  • Thematic educational programs through arts
  • Artistic projects for kids and families
  • Cultural and live events

For this Company Meeting, the speaker will be Marinella Montanari – Executive Director, currently working in the North America Sector.

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