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Coffee Break with the Lecturer - Valerio Mancini

Name: Valerio

Surname: Mancini

Subject and courses: 

Master in Political Marketing: Political Press Office

Master in Tourism Management: Public Relations

Master in Sport and Lifestyle Management: Geopolitics of Sports 

Master in Agribusiness Management: Export management & Country risk

Personal BIO


Analyst, expert in Geopolitics and international relations. Head of the Trans-national Crime Department at MISAP – Multidisciplinary Institute for Security Management and Antisociality Prevention. He worked with international organizations worldwide (UN, EU and OECD). Director of the Rome Business School Research Center. He’s lecturer at Rome Business School and Istituto Armando Curcio; consultant for the International Academy for Security and Defense (Mastery). He was a lecturer in Argentina (Universidad Católica de Argentina) and Colombia (Universidad Católica de Colombia, “Dante Alighieri” Society).

Author of several articles and press reports and co-author of important international studies and academic publications, he’s working as a foreign news reporter for the Colombian newspaper “El Espectador” and, since 2010, is the correspondent in Italy for the Colombian radio program “UN Analísis”.

Export manager consultant, wine producer, sport & travel lover. He lived in Italy, Austria, France, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia and the United States and most of his educational and professional experience has been in a multi-cultural context. Italian mother tongue, he speaks fluent Spanish, English, French and basic Portuguese.

1. Question: Why Teaching?

I love teaching and for me is a mission. When I see the eyes of my students light up, I feel a sense of fulfillment.

2. Question: Which is your teaching method? And Why did you choose it above others?

I don’t follow a specific method. I believe that in an emergency context like the one we are currently experiencing; resilience is the key word. I always prefer to adapt my lectures to the needs of my students, constantly interacting with them and always putting them in front of new challenges.

3. Question: Which advices would you give to students taking your class?

I never miss the opportunity to remind my students to be multitasking, try to refresh their studies, to re-learn. 

4. Question: What do you like about teaching at Rome Business School?

Teaching at Rome Business School gives the peerless opportunity to be part of a multicultural environment. Teaching students from all over the world is a fundamental experience that enriches me day after day

5. Question: Which are the suggestion that you would like to give to you students about their training experience?

Never lose the desire to learn and curiosity. Try to participate by interacting as much as possible with your colleagues and teachers. They will be part of your personal and professional network!

6. What would you like to say to the students and future professionals (tips, suggestions, inspirational quotes)

Be multitasking. always remember that all obstacles exist to be overcome. Do all your best to be better managers for a better world!

7. Define success according to you!

Success > Happiness