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Sandor Willems

Subject and Courses: Marketing and Sales

When did you find out you that you wanted to be a teacher? When I was 18 years young, I lived in the US for one year. During that year I had to give some guest lectures about living In Europe and specifically the Netherlands. Providing information, teaching about certain topics always Interested me quite a bit. Later on I gave guest lectures at colleges and business schools where I found that teaching others about what you know is a great thing to do. 

What teaching strategies or techniques do you usually use? I always try to make It as dynamic as possible. In my business I run plenty of workshops and giving a lecture or teaching lessons are managed by me in the same way. there Is no one direction of communication, everyone should be able to participate. And to circle back on what we have just discussed. there Is a lot of discussion going on. I learned that technique myself at Harvard Business School where they gave lectures for 3 hours without It seemed any structure but there was definitely a great deal of structure Indeed!

What are the 3 fundamental competences that a worker needs to have in order to succeed in his/her future career? The most Important one Is drive! You can have not a great set of skills but If you have the drive to be successful, you can be. Your will to succeed Is more Important than your skill. however, If you don’t have the right mindset, It will be very very difficult to achieve much In your (professional)l life. Be open to change, be open to learn, to develop yourself every day In your life. 

What suggestion would you like to give to your students about how to get the most out of their educational experience?  Again, be open. Be motivated, have the drive to success. To make most out of everything you do. If you find a topic less Interesting then still find those aspects that will bring you something out of It. 

According to you, what are the 3 main characteristics that a successful manager should have? Structure; Drive (Sales DNA); Empathy

Do you have a mentor? If yes, who? Yes, I had a great mentor earlier during my career. My former general manager In Canada, Ron Braun. First he drove me nuts with all his questions all the time, later on I realized how was pushing me and I learned many things from him. A great man. I loved to travel with him across Europe and N. America. And my own dad Is still a great mentor as well. 

The most important lesson that you learned during your career path. Never ever give up. There will always be a 2nd chance 

How would you have your students find out their talent? Do what you like. What do you prefer doing? If that´s not obvious for you, talk to the people who know you better or do an online assessment 

How do you motivate yourself to take action? By setting my own goals and objectives. having the end game In mind, having the goals I want to achieve In mind. that helps me to motivate me every day. It´s not about the action It´s about being effective. 

What would you like to change about yourself? Be more patient. Still…

What are you doing to change the world? I have worked for several companies In the environmental Industry. and also had customers In the plastic Industry who are developing more environmentally friendly solutions. Plus, I try to be a nice person to everyone. 

Top 3 cities to visit…Rome, Havana, Paris. Really only 3? I have some many favorite cities… London, Florence, Milan, San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Bangkok and of course Amsterdam.  

What do you like best of Rome? Everything… But #1 Is the Pantheon and the Forum Romanum. Plus all the restaurants. I have visited many but more to go…  

3 books to read…many many books to read. I am actually finishing my own 2nd book at the moment. Tell to Win, Great by Choice, Getting Unstuck

What is your favourite Italian food? Spagetti carbonara, lardo, ossobuco, saltimboca, tiramisu,  

Do you have a Nick name? haha, not really but some call me Sunny. 

What are your interests and hobbies? Developing my own business, marketing strategies, sales techniques, reading, playing golf, traveling, cooking, bbqing 

What are your weaknesses? Oh I have plenty…

The craziest thing you have ever done…One thing my two oldest boys remember Is that once In brazil I at an egg and put the empty egg shell back on the counter up side down :) 

The happiest day of your life…My son Olivier was born

What makes you feel angry? How people can treat others, the violence In the world, people that get sick…

What embarrasses you? Euhm, actually not that much that embarrasses me… 

Define Happiness! When you are happy with yourself that ijs all It takes to experience happiness.