CEO’s of Starbucks, Jaguar, Ferrarelle and MHR Global will participate to the Rome Business School’s Welcome Week 2021

The Welcome Week is Rome Business School’s official Welcome and Introduction to the Italian most international community of business talents, it will be held from the 26th to the 30th of April and will display a wide range of different activities to let future talents to Be Inspired, Informed, Connected and Active since the beginning of their educational path.

More than 570 students will start their path with Rome Business School on the 26th of April 2021, 44% of whom are italian and 56% international, coming from 142 nationalities between Europe, US, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Among 116 professors will follow the young talents trough their educational path, helping them to get the most out of it. Rome Business School didactic activities follow the EFMD learning methodology supported by an excellent Career Services department that works to integrate the educational path of each student with an efficient job search in line with the latest Industry trends and development.

Throughout the Welcome Week students begin to learn about the values of Rome Business School’s community and the opportunities and responsibilities associated with being a member of it. Most importantly, it is a moment to get settled, meet peers and advisers, considering how to explore and pursue intellectual and personal interests. Although there is so much to learn, there are many actors like the faculty, and staff who are ready to offer advice and support throughout the educational journey of each student.

Get Inspired by International Mentors

As leaders within the International Education in Italy, students plays a fundamental role in Rome Business School’s activities and it is for this reason that they will be inspired since the beginning of their educational path by listening to the experiences of great CEO’s and General Managers from StarbucksJaguar – Land RoverFerrarelle and MHR Global. An important experience such as the one of attending a Master needs to be started in an empowering way, nothing is impossible everything starts with a vision and the determination to make it real. Rome Business School guest speakers’, owners of some of the leading business on the global market knows it better, and will share key values to the leaders of tomorrow to set the basis of creating a more ethical and sustainable world.

Get Informed

The Get Informed session of Rome Business School’s 2021 Welcome Week aims to provide an understanding of the values, history, accreditations, learning platforms and didactic methodology of the institution. It will also help students to develop a sense of belonging and class unity with other colleagues and faculty members while listening to the respective program Kick OFF’s. Rome Business School begins each year with presenting its different paths their structure and activities, an overview of the learning journey of each candidate. 

Get Connected 

Consider what is important to humans about personal identity, background and community as the most precious information that you can be shared within the Rome Business School International Community. Get connected by networking through social and cultural activities and learn about peers’ diverse background and perspectives. Develop a sense of belonging and shared responsibility for creating a better society. Students will be able to do it through social and cultural activities within the RBS campus and the city of Rome during the Welcome Week.

Get in Action

During the orientation week, Rome Business School will get student in action by engaging them in different academic and career acceleration workshops to make them practice and apply the school learning methodology (team work exercise, individual and group presentations, video discussions and companies’ interactions) gaining transversal knowledge and skills since the beginning of their master programs. Through the Get in Action session we engage a broad range of students, community partner, faculty and professional to work together to properly welcoming the new 2021 term students.

Rome Business School renovate every year the appointment dedicated to the orientation and meeting of students. The welcome week are structured following the new model of learning innovations through online and on campus classes.

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