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RBS Corporate Advisory Board

Starbucks, Ernest and Young, Sky, Microsoft, Ferrarelle, BNL, Deloitte to support management training through the Rome Business School Corporate Advisory Board.

We are pleased to present the Rome Business School’s Corporate Advisory Board.

The area of ​​the Business School that most embodies the spirit of collaboration between academic and managerial reality, placing itself as one of the key players for the Quality Assurance Process, the process of continuous improvement of the managerial training offer.

The CAB is a training committee made up of Leaders, Managers and Professionals from over 60 multinational companies operating globally and internationally, such as Starbucks, Ernest and Young, Sky, Microsoft, Ferrarelle, BNL, Deloitte and many others. It aims to the improvement and training of young talents following the trends, requests and needs of the current labor market, thus activating a system of continuous updating of its activities and programs.

The Corporate Advisory Board relies on partnerships and inputs provided by professionals in 14 key business sectors – including finance, consulting, energy, telecommunications, art and culture – ensuring students knowledge and skills that can be immediately used in the job environment, consequently generating a positive impact on the country’s economic growth.

“The relationship with the business and managerial world represents an essential element for us; for this reason we have brought together, in the Corporate Advisory Board, managers, directors, professionals and representatives of major institutions, companies, organizations and multinational companies “explains Antonio Ragusa, Dean of Rome Business School,” To accompany the School in defining the best strategy to ensure a  continuous improvement in the quality and innovation of managerial training “.

CAB’s Goals

The main objective of the Rome Business School is to build, through the Corporate Advisory Board, a training structure capable of ensuring the continuous improvement and innovation of its study programs, responding efficiently to the real needs of the labor market. Actively collaborate with representatives of major multinational and national companies to create synergies of great value both for the academic and corporate world, promoting research and analysis of key business processes such as: Finance, Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Communication , Human Resources, Management Strategy and Project Management.

“It is necessary that the leaders of the future acquire not only core skills but above all Soft Skills”, the Committee therefore also ensures “a real impact on the curriculum of the masters, on the final capstone projects and on student recruitment opportunities”

Antonio Ragusa, Dean of Rome Business School