Building a career in line with your passions

Filling your day with something that you really enjoy is extremely important as you will always be doing it for a conspicuous amount of time in life. So, with so much of your life dedicated to your career, why do not fill it with something that you really care about? In this way you will not only grow professionally but also personally putting your heat into your work.

The way to find the right career is different for everyone as different are as well the career typologies and there is no prescribed roadmap to take. The first step to take is to ask yourself what excites you, what do you really like? What are you good at? Identifying the activities that fulfill you will enable you to look for jobs that stimulate your brain and at the same time inspire you professionally. Playing to your strengths will allow you to grow and reach high levels, discovering new aspects of your activity that you can be passionate about.

You can actually take some notes of small details, whether you are making your first step into the working world or making a career shift, everything can help you finding something to fit in your passions into your career. 

Professional mentors are a particularly good resources to help you combining your passions with your profession. Seek out the people with whom you already have a connection or don’t be afraid to approach the ones that you admire and ask them some suggestions or advice that you would value. You can also benefit from being a mentor for others. This type of relationship is a hands-on low-pressure opportunity to learn. You might also realize that you enjoy giving counsel.Finding a career that fits with your passions is not something most people achieve immediately, and will not have a concrete beginning or end. In fact, most people consider it a lifelong journey. Along the way, you will encounter new ways to incorporate your passions throughout the course of your career, both from your colleagues and friends, and from yourself as you are tested in a variety of positions. Moreover, you will grow as well, so be open to developing a new perspective, because you never know where it will take you

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