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Our goal is to help our students build a solid path towards a successful career and professional future. To achieve this, we give them the support and assistance of our Career Services facilities. 

Our Career experts follow the students, from the very beginning of an academic program right through to their graduation to then proceed with a professional path. With our team you will be able to explore the different areas that attract your interest the most to then focus your efforts in, and prepare you to tackle today’s employment market effectively. 

With our help, you can create your career strategy via a 3-step journey of self-reflection, exploration, and achievement. This program is designed to help you find internships or positions in line with your ambitions and expectations, we call this process BEA

Your journey starts with BUILD, how do you start building you career? Your future?

With self-discovery, knowing yourself means better discover your possibilities. There are many paths in front of you, and together we can find the right one to follow by assessing your skills, strengths, interests, values, and personality. We will guide you on writing your CV writing and, afterwards, to benefit from a one to one individual meeting to make you feel comfortable with us and to better understand your kind of personality.

During the BUILD session you will get through an Individual Career Counselling meeting. Our Career Services counsellors will personally meet each student to discuss every aspect of their career development process from identifying an academic area of interest to engaging in the job search process. During the one to one meeting our experts from the Career Services department, will carefully listen to the students talking about their interests, skills, values and personality in order to identify together which path better suits their needs and expectations in terms of a professional role reflecting their aspiration for the future.

Suddenly you will have access to Rome Business School’s Career Portal, where you can find posted all the vacancies that employers have shared with Career Services. The platform helps improve job matching and periodically notify new placement opportunities in Italy and abroad every week, aimed at our students and Alumni. There are no limits to the number of applications that you can do as long as you can find the right match for your skills and desires. The Career Portal allows enrolled students to set up job alerts, read relevant news, and update their personal profile with lots of information accessible to recruiting companies.

The BUILD step involves also Professional Workshops – Embrace your Talent. Rome Business School provides you an in-depth knowledge of the employment world through a series of Career Services Professional Workshops over a six months period, together with the Introduction to Career Services session at the beginning of the program. The main topics will be as follows:

  • An Insight into the Job Market (latest trends in the labor market, types of employment contracts, average salary, and more.)
  • Secrets of Writing a Good CV
  • Social Media & Job Searching Tools
  • Handling Different Types of Interviews
  • Career networking: where to find people, you can learn from.

As last step of BUILD we have the Senior Career Management Support: a counselling meeting with a Career Consultant for participants with at least 5 years professional experience. The consultant can help you with advice on résumé building and interviewing, new strategies for looking for employment, invaluable assistance and guidance on your future career or change of direction.

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Start building your career now!

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