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Are you ready to start your path with Rome Business School?

Monday 25th of October 2021. We are welcoming the new student of the 2021 edition of the RBS Masters and MBA. A wide range of events are succeeding in a program full of interesting and career inspiring surprises.

Start your RBS experience by getting inspired

Our welcome week sessions include some inspiring session given by Keynote speakes(CEO from the Corporate Advisory Board) with the scope to inspire the students by sharing their career story and what steps they took to go up on the career ladder.

We’ve had the pleasure to listen the advices of:

Emiliano Maria ​Cappuccitti
HR Director at Coca Cola HBC Italia

Marco Pesaresi
CEO, Ferrarelle​

Fabiana Luganotti
Administration and Financial Statement Manager, Ferrovie dello Stato​

Francesca Perrone
Director of Unicredit Start Up Labs, Unicredit​

Giampaolo Grossi
Country Manager, Starbucks Italia

Alessandro Ippolito
Vice presidente & Country Manager, ORACLE​

Andrea Di Paola
Vice President of the Igene Sector, Essity

Valeria Santoro
Country Manager, Stocard​​

The welcome week 2021 program followed with a Get Informed session.

A Walkthrough of the Rome Business School’s values, offers and interactive tools. Though these Introductory session students get to know RBS’s accreditation, memberships, methodology, faculty, added value services, Corporate Advisory Board and much more. Moreover, they can deepen their understanding of the VLE and Blackboard facilities, to learn all its functions, and have a practical experience of it.

Maste’s Kick-off

The core of the welcome week is the introduction to each single educational path. During these classes the Program Director of each Master presents the program’s objectives, content, value proposition, professional outlets, industry and its trends. Students are introduced to their learning journey, meet their teachers and understand the main touchpoint of their educational path.

Meet your program coordinator

During the master, students are guided and supported by a program coordinator that will assist them in any of the different phases of their program. “Meet your coordinator” session is the welcome week moment that allow students to get involved into both technical and logistical aspect of their studies at Rome Business School.

Get in Action.

Follow a series of classes to start gaining some key soft skills to excel in your professional life. How to Become Networking Ninja is one of them? In the today’s world, the importance of building relationships and maintaining a network is vital for any job search or career development. During the “How to become a Networking Ninja” workshop session, student will understand the power of formal/informal networking; they can see how easy can be to create and build professional relationships and how important is to promote yourself while helping others to conduce a clean and clear team working job.

Leaders of Tomorrow

The Leaders of Tomorrow session is just a little window on what our young professionals will be learning and exploring during their future educational path. This is the beginning of the learnings needed to become a great and effective leader.

What are the essentials that you need to assume to start developing your inner management skills?

Our students can discover them through the welcome week’s sessions of:

  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Learn to cross culturally communicate
  • Expand your cultural knowledge
  • Get to know each other and create your personal network

Together through interactive in class activities and interactive classes, student discover and unleash their true leadership potential to become the leader of tomorrow!

Global Mindset & Cross-Cultural Communication

For the welcome week we organized Interactive workshops with different in class activities to give a panoramic view of cross-cultural behaviour and communication skills.

Lego Serious Play

Enjoy an extremely focused workshop which gives the opportunity to executive students to practice team work and collaboration through an effective lesson about the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology. An innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Based on research which shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities. The LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue for everyone in the organization.

“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation” Plato

Get Connected. Through some itinerary activities such as:

Living in Rome: Tips & Things to Know

Informative session during which students get to know the city, the transportation systems, things to see and do in the eternal city as well as outside of Rome in the beautiful Italian countryside, landscapes, Italian cities, food and much more.

Heart of Rome Walking Tour

Walking tour in the center of Rome visiting Piazza del Popolo, Pincio, Spanish steps, Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Students learn more about the Italian culture and Italian lifestyle in general.

Night Walk & Network

Guided walking tour by night in the Roman neighbourhood Trastevere. Students can walk, explore Rome by Night and network between each other.