Agile Culture transformation, Rome Business School and Save the Children

Company Visit

We’ve had the pleasure to speak about Agile Culture transformation with Luigi Costa – Human Capital Manager for Save the Children.

In a complex and uncertain environment, Organizations need to embrace change and become more agile to address the new changing issues they have to face. Agile transition starts from people’s mind-set and Organizational culture. It requires that everyone within an organization embody new working principles that are correlated to the Organizational values.

Through the company visit we shared how Save the Children has started this journey to become an agile Organization and continues to pursue its mission for children.

Save The Children support children and communities to transform their lives in over 122 countries. They have been working for a fairer world for a century. Discover the values, history and people that make us who we are,

With global Save the Children the global association has three big goals:

  1. No child died from preventable causes before their 5th birthday by 2030;
  2. A basic quality education for all the children
  3. No longer toleration for violence against the children

“We tackle big problems. Every child isn’t defined by their situation, but by what’s possible. By who they are. By what they can be. Every child has the right to learn. Every child should have good food to fuel their imagination. Every child should have medicine when they’re sick. For over 100 years, we’ve fought for a fairer world for children. Together with families, supporters and partners, we work to help every child become who they want to be.” – Save the Children –

In Britain, the not for profit association use apps to help parents support early learning. In Rwanda, they kick-started a reading revolution. With GSK, they developed an antiseptic gel that could save half a million babies’ lives.

Save the Children’s work is only possible thanks to 5 million of supporters and their amazing commitment – from wearing a Christmas jumper to running our local shops to organising fundraising events.

In a VUCA world Organizations need to become more flexible and adaptable. A change in organizational culture is required, adopting an agile mind-set first and then processes, approaches and tools that are more effective in such context. Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated that static approaches to solve issues and waterfall management practices don’t work anymore. A lot of new challenges and opportunities are behind the corner for HR teams that decide to embark in this transformation journey.

What is the role of HR and how should approach this transformation?

Implications that Agile transformation has for HR. Role, processes, approaches, management styles, working practices. Starting point for an Agile culture transformation. The Save the Children Italy business case. As an HR professional, you can start your agile transformational journey.

Agile transformation requires a shift in organizational culture embodying new principles in how people think and how they manage their work. There is not a valid solution for every Organization. The Agile transformation requires an investigation of what is more important for an Organization to be more effective and adaptable in this new complex environment and how it can start its transformation from its own values. HR teams are key players in such transformation, they just need to be brave enough to change mind-set and approaches.

Thank you very much, Save the Children!

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