A challenge and an opportunity to grow

Dear students,

We are experiencing an unprecedented situation in our personal lives and, in general, in the recent history of humanity. A global pandemic that is sowing grief and economic and social difficulties at all latitudes. It is therefore a time of struggle and resistance, a great and unexpected challenge for everyone.

It may be natural to summarize all this in the word “crisis”. But I would like to point out that, in the Chinese language, the term crisis semantically refers to two aspects: one is ‘danger’ and the other is ‘opportunity’. What I see today are opportunities too. I will try to explain why.

First of all, I see an opportunity for personal and professional growth for all of you. You are investing in your education, and this is the highest yielding investment you can make in your lifetime. You are doing it despite this difficult condition and—from what we are seeing—with great commitment. The professors and the didactic team are giving us very positive feedback on your participation, your involvement, and your performance. Congratulations.

Another opportunity—allow me to say it—is to study at an institute like the Rome Business School, which is a digital native organization, equipped with all the tools and processes necessary to also provide its educational services online and to work remotely. Your results, performance and interaction prove it every day.

More generally, today, all of us have a development opportunity, because history shows that those who resist and react positively to a challenge—as you are doing—are destined to become stronger and grow even more. It is also a law of nature: whoever is capable of adapting to circumstances and evolving wins.

So I want to encourage each of you; be strong, don’t give up, we will make it.

The latest news on the evolution of the pandemic is quite encouraging for Italy. The contagion curve seems to be decreasing, and this gives us hope for the future. Obviously, we must not let our guard down, but we look with confidence to the resumption of economic activities and also of face-to-face teaching as soon as possible and allowed by the authorities.

In the meantime, I really want to encourage all of you, whether you had chosen distance learning from the beginning or you had originally opted for presential training, to go ahead and put your best into this learning experience. Do not hesitate to ask questions or for clarifications, share your comments and experiences. Your active involvement is the best way to optimise your learning and personal growth.

Know that the Rome Business School team is at your disposal to support you in every aspect. Your success is our success.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you, dear students, for being with us and for making the Rome Business School’s international community even larger and stronger with your talent and energy.

I would also like to thank all the professors, the companies that provide us with placement opportunities, the partners of the school, the staff of the Rome Business School and the Planeta De Agostini Group, of which we are members; thank you all for your support.

Together, we will successfully overcome this challenge and, as soon as possible, it will be even better to meet in person.

Best wishes.

Antonio Ragusa

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