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11th Graduation Ceremony of the Indian Institute of Logistic

We were present during the celebration of the 11th Graduation Ceremony of our school partner Indian Institute of Logistic.

Among the international partners of Rome Business School, the Indian Institute of Logistics is based in Chennai, Dubai and Kochi, we collaborate with them especially in the delivery of the Global MBA in Logistic and Supply Chain.

On Friday the 14th of February 2020, two of the Rome Business School main representatives proudly participated in the final graduation ceremony of the students of the Indian Institute of Logistic and it was an honour to be able to participate personally in one of the most representative events of the academic year.

Welcomed between bright colors, oriental perfumes and flowers typically used for this type of event. Sir. Capt V J Pushpakumar, president of the Indian Intitute of Logistic and Ramya P Raj, general manager of the institute showed us uses and customs of the ceremony giving us the opportunity to participate in some of the most significant opening ritual of the event. During the day we wished all the best to the now ex-students and future professionals, inviting them to never stop learning and to work hard to achieve their goals, as today the world needs young talents ready to get involved without being afraid to share their own ideas.

During the ceremony other important representative figures shared this significant moment with us, chief guest Hon. Col. Prof. N. Rajendran (vice chancellor, Alagappa University), Ms. Rama Ravee Titti (Director – founder, Thee Shiksha Sishya Bhawan)

As one of the most exciting experiences of Rome Business School career, the delivery of diplomas represents the completion of an important path of both professional and personal development (MBA in this case) and the start of future experiences, different for each student.

Rome Business School focuses every year on the celebration of the results achieved by the students, but seeing the path of our international partners so closely makes us proud of everything we are building together, the mission of creating the best leaders on a global scale is an increasingly concrete reality, these results are proof that international cooperation is possible and what follows is a future full of ideas, stimuli and opportunities.We are grateful for this unique experience, on the foreground of a land, India rich of culture, materially and spiritually colored, deep as the teachings we have drawn from it, happy to share with our partners always different teachings and experiences… we can’t wait to meet the Indian Institute of Logistic again, in the meantime we are back even more enriched by this exchange of culture!