Professional Online Master in Marketing & Sales

With our Professional Master in Marketing & Sales, we offer the key to corporate excellence to professionals in direct contact with customers, equipping them with the skills required by the market. Throughout the program, the professionals are provided with the conditions to evolve, and participants will undergo a process of change and personal growth.

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Formula: Specialized - Online

Language: English

Enrollment: 84%

ONLINE: 12 Available seats

Next Intake: June 2022  


Ten of our Masters are officially recognized among the best at an international level by Eduniversal Ranking, in which the Marketing area is also featured.

Top 200 – Regional ranking within the 9 geographical zones
Ranked N. 60 in Marketing, Western Europe

The current business environment is evolving rapidly. Globalization, new information technologies and innovative distribution channels are changing the perspective of marketing. Companies are increasingly demanding more professionals capable of leading these changes and turning these opportunities into competitive advantages. The market demands professionals with solid training, who have a sound knowledge of new modern marketing and sales trends & technologies, with experience and insight into the organizational aspects that generate corporative value and who have solid managerial skills. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding and have access to greater information, so they are fully aware of what they want and need. 

This Master offers to participants: 

  1. Solid marketing & Sales advanced & intensive training and knowledge, 
  2. Didactic methodology to upgrade skills necessary to respond effectively to the current market and to be the driver of change in your company and business 
  3. Gives the ability to turn the existing technologies and current trends into a competitive professional advantage. 

Why choose our Professional Master in Marketing and Sales?

  • 92% of our students get a job offer at the end of the master
  • 12% salary increase: at the end of the master, our students generally benefit from a 12% salary increase
  • International Bootcamps in Rome and Barcelona: thanks to our Bootcamps you will have an immersive and stimulating experience, focused on the topics of the business world;
  • Networking: we have more than 221 partners of the largest companies in the world market and, thanks to our workshops and company visits, students will have continuous opportunities and networking.



The Professional format of Rome Business School’s Master in Marketing & Sales is structured to provide participants with a thorough preparation for the Marketing & Sales sector and crucial aspects of other related fields, starting with a wide overview of the broader management world and then proceeding to analyse all the specific subjects and aspects of Marketing & Sales, as well as providing an in-depth insight into innovative and responsible leadership, industry current and future trends and best practices, as well as how they can be effectively applied to the Marketing & Sales Industry.



Captstone Project:

At the end of the path, a group project is envisaged that aims to develop a plan to solve a problem of an existing or fictitious company. All teams are led from the initial phase of the project. Upon completion of the Capstone project, students will be able to:

  • Implement creative solutions and solve management problems
  • Apply and link theory with practice
  • Communicate and present business reports / ideas more effectively
  • Carry out commercial research and commercial analysis
  • Demonstrate collaborative leadership skills
  • Work effectively in a team
  • Communicate interculturally and compromise for a common goal
  • Set goals and implement projects effectively

Methodology: ” Circular Learning ” based on the EFMD Circle for Quality Assurance

By adhering to the highest standards regarding the teaching methodology provided by EFMD, the Master will be taught through interactive lectures, case study analyzes, exercises, discussions, role plays, teamwork exercises, video conferences, business analysis and sessions presentation of students. Case studies will be used to generate discussions and illustrate business problems. Students will be encouraged to read and engage in discussions and debates. The teaching methodology is based on learning by doing, through which teachers implement a student-centered approach, involve students and provide activities that allow students to apply the knowledge acquired.

Soft Skill Program

Soft skills are the “secret key” of a well managed workplace and a progressive career path. With the Soft Skills Program, we offer you the opportunity to develop the soft skills necessary for your personal and professional growth.

The personal growth program is optional and is structured as follows: 10 hours in total for 5 interactive and self-reflective courses on soft skills (the certificate will be provided upon completion of the program):

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Public Speaking for Business
  • Time, stress and self-management
  • Intercultural communication
  • Conflict, problem solving and negotiations


The courses for Rome Business School’s Professional Master in Marketing and Sales are held by highly selected international university professors, trainers and business managers, drawn from a variety of operational and professional fields, from technology applied to the academic field of the Marketing and Sales Industry to the administration of public and private institutions; the teaching approach is aimed at the acquisition of know-how, in order to transfer truly useful competencies for the attendees’ professional development.


Stefano Corsini- Stefano Corsini has 25 years of experience in the marketing and sales sector, an experience acquired from a passion that eventually turned into a profession. In 1997 he worked as Account Manager in the Italian Sales and Marketing division of Unilever Food Italia. This role has further expanded his management skills in the F&B world, with particular regard to Marketing & Sales, Product Development, Customer Satisfaction, both nationally and internationally. Now, Manager, he provides stop ranking experience in the management of entire Business Units, both in Italy and abroad.


Robert Sonnabend – Robert Sonnabend comes from an international business background. It has developed production and distribution channels in China and India, including factories in Tianjin, China and Bangalore, India, computers and software of formidable size.

Francesco Landolfi – Francesco Landolfi has matured his entire professional career by developing and managing innovative and high-tech projects in two main sectors: Information Technology and Healthcare. Francesco has held various managerial positions in Sales & Marketing in multinational companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Baxter.

CAROLINA EUGENIA CAPPABIANCA – Graduated at 21, she started a career in Unilver. After 5 years, she joined the multinational agency DMB & B, in which she grew, managing accounts like P&G and TWA

COSTAS PILIOUNIS – He started his career in the food industry in R&D and later in manufacturing. From 1987 to 2017, he worked in Novo Nordisk where he held various leadership positions as Head of Middle East & Africa, Head of Marketing and Business Development in International Operations. In 2017 he founded PNValue, an investment and consulting firm.

GIULIANA BALDO CHIARON – She is Adjunct Professor at Sapienza, University of Rome (Faculty of Economics) and Head of Marketing and Communication, with over 18 years in the fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Fashion.

SARA CAPRASECCA – Consultant in Marketing and Digital Communication, Project Manager and Digital Strategist. He has worked for:, Gecko Way SRL, Bee, Pop Up live Sessions, MMLine Production records, and Vikschool.

ILIJANA PETROVSKA – PhD She is a consultant at EBRDBAS Macedonia implementing market research projects and providing training for executives in Marketing.Ilijana Petrovska worked at Stopanska Banka from 2002 to 2009 as head of the marketing department and previously as head of marketing in Makedonska Banka in 2001.

DAVID POLLON – Professor David Pollon has been teaching finance, accounting and economics courses since 2003. Before entering academia, he began his career in the international financial area working for The Walt Disney Company (Milan).

Career Services

With our help, you can create your career strategy through a journey of self-reflection, exploration and results. This program is designed to help you find internships or positions that match your ambitions and expectations. In particular, the master is particularly suitable for those who want to pursue a career in the following roles:

  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
  • Global Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Technician
  • Sales Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Consultant
  • Sales Trainer
  • Commercial Director
  • Product Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Trade Marketing Manager
  • Sales Technician.

Each year, Rome Business School presents the Employment Report, a document that collects data on the official results achieved by our students and former students in terms of employment and professional growth following their master’s degree at Rome Business School. The results obtained were possible thanks to the commitment of our students and the incredible professionalism of our Career Services who, with diligence and dedication, were able to direct students towards the desired career path in the world of work.

In particular, according to the most recent statistics:

  • 60% of our students obtain a job offer within 6 months of the end of the master
  • 92% of our students get a job offer at the end of the master
  • 43% of our students have obtained a job position in large multinational companies;
  • 37% of our students are currently successful managers;
  • 68% of our students increased their job responsibilities at the end of the master.


Networking and partners

Rome Business School has established solid partnerships with several world-renowned leading companies, such as Enel, Fendi, Bulgari, Eataly, IBM Italia, Land Rover and many others. To ensure that our students can build a strong professional network, we constantly organize guest meetings, visits, events and lectures with representatives of elite business ecosystems, encouraging interaction between leading professionals and students, and facilitating the process learning.

Multicultural classes

Thanks to the school’s purely international mold, students will have the opportunity to take part in classes with students from more than 150 countries. This will allow participants to increase their knowledge of other cultures other than their own.

Student Hub

Every year we welcome students from all over the world: from cities and small towns, of all cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Rome Business School enhances the experience of students creating opportunities for learning, involvement, personal and cultural development that go well beyond the lessons.


Our students will be able to participate in various activities: Coffee Meetings with the CEOs of prestigious multinational companies, company visits or simple events designed to promote socialization and intercultural exchange which has always been the central point of our school.

Admission Process

Rome Business School works hard to maintain the highest standard of quality in the programs offered. That is why, in order to ensure the suitability of candidates, all aspiring students must undergo and successfully pass a selection procedure structured as follows:

The admission process aims to verify the suitability of the candidate to attend the Master. The candidate’s academic history, previous experience on the topics covered in the Master and personal motivation will be evaluated. Once submitted, the application will be evaluated by the Rome Business School academic committee. In order to ensure the suitability of the candidate, it is important that he delivers all the required documentation.

Scholarships and Tuition


Payment of the participation fee of € 4.500 can be made in the following ways:

  • In 4 interest-free installments
  • Single solution (this option guarantees a 10% discount on the total amount)


Based on their personal profile, experience and proven motivation, the candidate may be awarded a scholarship to partially cover the participation fee. In fact, Rome Business School offers the most deserving candidates the opportunity to benefit from 8 different types of scholarships. These partial economic hedges can consist of 6 months of interest-free financing.

  1. Early Bird Enrollment Scholarship
  2. Study in Italy Initiative Scholarship
  3. Lifelong Learning Scholarship
  4. Academic Excellence Scholarship
  5. Executive Women Grant
  6. Entrepreneurial Grant
  7. Better Managers for a Better World
  8. Student Loan Assistance Grant

Competition for scholarships increases as the starting date approaches and funds are limited, so it is advisable to apply as soon as possible.

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