Vittorio De Pedys

Holding a degree magna cum laude in Economics, Vittorio De Pedys is a renowned teacher and expert in finance and other managerial subjects. Besides his other teaching jobs at the Rome Business School, he is currently Affiliate professor of Finance at ESCP Europe’s Turin campus.

He lectures on a whole array of finance topics, from a Fundamentals of Finance and Advanced Corporate Finance course to student courses and executive education. He also teaches Entrepreneurship (MSc), Family Business and Family Office (MSc) and Private Equity (post-doc master) at the Tor Vergata Roma 2 University. He lectures on finance at the master’s degree course in managerial development at the LUISS, at the Sole 24 Ore’s business school, at the University of Ferrara and at ANDAF’s master’s degree for CFOs; he has taught International Finance at the John Cabot University and is (Chair) Associate Professor of Advanced Finance at the University American College in Skopje, in the Republic of Macedonia.

In 2008, he perfected his teaching techniques and specialised at the Harvard Business School within the framework of the EECPCL programme (European Entrepreneurship Colloquium on Participant-Centred Learning). He teaches management subjects (problem solving, strategy, leadership) in the in house advanced programmes of large corporations in both the industrial and banking fields.

Before turning to teaching, he pursued a career initially as banking executive (in stocks and investments) and then as a Director in Italian banks and, for about ten years, in investment banking as Managing Director Trading at Merrill Lynch London and then as Executive Director, Head of Business Unit London for Salomon Smith Barney. Finally, he worked as CFO for the Iccrea Banking Group.

He is Managing Director of an innovative “Capital and Development” startup.
Having earned a Humanities High School diploma, he is President of ARSI, the Italian Italic Studies Association.

He is fluent in English and also speaks some French and Spanish.

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