Paolo Pettenello

Paolo Pettenello is an industrial Engineer. He is an Entrepreneur & Manager and he has earned a +26-year experience in International Business Administration. He owns General Management competencies with total responsibility in all business areas both in Fortune 500 Multinationals and Small-Medium Enterprises including Start-up’s. He has a strong combined experience of both Branding & Sales Management with deep knowledge of the commercial aspects of B2B and B2C operating models. He has completed several due- diligences and contractual definitions of strategic partnerships and the sale and acquisition of companies.

Over the years, he has managed situations of business discontinuity and change, turnaround, acceleration of performance, start up and international expansion. He has started his professional journey in the Marketing Department of Procter & Gamble and he has then filled positions in the Johnson & Johnson Company till assuming the role of European Business Director. He has worked in the start-up and expansion in United Kingdom of Boots Hearing Care, an innovative retail business of The Boots Company. From 2004 until 2008, he worked as President & CEO in the Nutrition Division of Danone with the responsibility of Melllin S.p.A., a leading Baby Food company, and Nutricia S.p.A. in Italy and the different organizations in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Greece with total revenues of euro 500 million and an organization of +600 employees. From 2008 till 2013, he has realigned and deeply restructured two companies in the Food & Beverage market.

Since 2013, he is focused on International Trade & Development across Information Technology and Hi-Tech industries. He has a portfolio of SME’s and Start-up’s and he is working as Temporary Manager & Principal Advisor to the CEO. He is coaching Entrepreneurs & Managers on business planning, commercial execution and team working while also teaching at Business Schools.

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