Ilijana Petrovska

Ilijana Petrovska, PhD, is an Assistant professor lecturing several courses in the field of Marketing as: Principles of Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Intro to E-commerce, Advertising, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Cases in marketing. She is a consultant at EBRD BAS Macedonia implementing Market research projects and providing Executive education in Marketing.

Her research area are mainly in Integrated marketing communications, Marketing in Banking, Measuring Marketing, Social media, Branding, Marketing for Entrepreneurship and Quality education. Her previous professional experience as a Marketing Manager in the biggest bank in Macedonia supports all her research and academic activities. Since October 2013 is promoted to a Vice Dean for Education at UACS School of Business Economics and Management and continues to lead the Marketing Department. In parallel is volunteering as a President of the Association for Better Education.

Petrovska obtained the Ph.D. degree at Ekonomski Fakultet Skopje, at the University “Sts Cyril and Methodius” in February 2010 with the thesis “Effects of Integrated marketing communications’ strategy implementation in the banking industry”.

Ilijana Petrovska worked at Stopanska Banka from 2002 to 2009 as a Marketing department manager and previously as a marketing responsible in Makedonska Banka in 2001. In the period from 1998 to 2001 worked in the Advertising agency S Team Bates Saatchi & Saatchi as an account manager.

During her work experience Petrovska attended several seminars and trainings, such as:

  • “European Entrepreneurship Colloquium 2010”, IESE Business School & EFER, Barcelona, Spain. The programme covered EFER supported Cambridge “Teach-the-Teachers” programme and Harvard Business School Participant-Centred Learning (HBS PCL) among the rest.
  • Lately participated at Case writing workshops within the Resita Network (Network for development of entrepreneurial higher education in SEE –, and developed several company cases for local entrepreneurs to be published
  • Different seminars on Internet marketing, Public Relations, Leadership, Branch management, Marketing and strategic planning and a seminar on Marketing of Financial services, both organized by Ministry of Finance and FTTA from Luxembourg,

Petrovska has published and presented plenty of articles in the area of Integrated marketing Communications in banking, Social media, Branding, Quality in education in many peer reviewed journals and International conferences. Also edited the Macedonian translation of the book “Chaotics” from Kotler and Caslione.

Masters and Courses held by the teacher

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