Chiara Giuliani

BA in Film and Television Management (Swinburne Institute) CELTA Diploma and Bsc in Mentor and Coaching (University of Sydney). Ms. Chiara Giuliani is an accredited Lecturer, Teacher and Coach for Business, Marketing, Film and Television. Ms. Giuliani’s experience demonstrates a high level of competency in these fields. Her background as an Actor, Producer, Writer and Marketing Pitch Consultant has taken her across many industries, from large companies to small businesses. Chiara has held a position at the elite MBA Campus of Sydney’s University. She has worked with various institutions and companies including ABC Television, FOX, PWC, Ernst & Young, Screenworld, Vatican Museum, LUISS, Lumsa, Enel, Bank of Italy and private individuals. Chiara’s experience is broad and diverse and was awarded the Trevor Graham Scholarship for Excellence in Film, Television and Radio. Chiara was born in Melbourne and she spent her formative years in Sydney, Australia, Dubai, UAE, Tokyo, Japan, New York and Los Angeles. She is currently living and working in Rome, Italy.

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