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CAB Workshop | Marketing, Sales, Communication & Arts

April 20th - 17.00 - 19.00

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The CAB Workshops 2023

The April 12, 2023, Marketing, Sales, Communication & Art area workshop continues the meetings that are part of a cycle of 8 total workshops, part of the second edition of this series of events.

An opportunity to share views and ideas on current challenges in Marketing, Sales, Communication and Art, future trends, digital transformation and how new technologies have impacted processes, transformed and are transforming companies. What should the manager of the future look like? We will discuss how we, as a business school, can help you by contributing to the formation of tomorrow’s leaders. Your opinions and reflections will help us understand the skills that young managers must have in order to work and provide value, in the future, to your companies.

Compared to the 2022 edition, 3 new areas have been added, in view of the new master programs of the Rome Business School, which will be delivered in the future intakes of 2023. These are the workshop for the Fashion & Luxury area, the workshop for the Sports, Tourism & Food area, and the workshop for the Start Up, Founders and Unicorns area. These will be in addition to the 5 already present in the last edition, for the areas: HR; Operations & IT; Finance; CEO & General Management; Marketing & Sales, Communication and Arts.

Objective of the CAB Workshops

The Corporate Advisory Board embodies the spirit of collaboration between academia and management reality and is one of the key players in the Quality Assurance Process, the process of continuous improvement of Rome Business School’s educational offer, aimed at ensuring the quality standards set by the EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).

The CAB’s commitment is based on advising and accompanying RBS in the development of managers and entrepreneurs capable of addressing and championing change, building on the principles of sustainability and ethics, and being inclusive and innovative. In addition, their contribution is crucial to the improvement of the educational programs and pathways offered to students.

Thanks to an ongoing communication process between RBS and the CAB, annual workshops allow them to contribute to the management training of new talent as part of the program improvement process (PIP). The working groups divided by professional area will be able to provide valuable stimuli for curriculum design, to increase the practical aspect of the learning experience, and to strengthen the true connection with companies and business reality through various academic activities.

Discover more about the CAB: Corporate Advisory Board 2023


Who are they aimed at?

All members of the Corporate Advisory Board are called to participate in the different workshops, divided according to the area or sector relevant to their current job position. In total, there are more than 94 members from 15 different sectors, related and functional to the areas covered by the Rome Business School’s overall educational offerings and master’s programs.


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CAB Workshops are key moments of exchange between professionals, and help Rome Business School enrich its training offer.

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