1. The object of these Terms and Conditions is to regulate participation in the RBS Incubation program, an initiative run by Rome Business School s.r.l., hereinafter Rome Business School, contained in the annual program RBS4Entrepreneurship intended to the creation of projects or studies in the commercial or industrial field, where the award to the author of the project represents recognition of personal merit.

    The initiative is addressed to the following groups:
  • Current Students of Rome Business School
  • Former Students of Rome Business School
  • Professors and Relators at Rome Business School
  • External projects involving at least a team member from Rome Business School (current or former student, professor) holding a significant proportion of the company’s capital.

Hereinafter all “Entrepreneurs”.

  1. The purposes of this Incubation program are:
  • Promoting the Entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial mindset and skills in the context of the creation of projects or studies in the commercial or industrial field.
  • Helping the Entrepreneurs throughout the evolution of their entrepreneurial ventures by providing: Training, consultancy, support and mentoring on a personalized basis
  • Recognize the personal merit of the author of the project.

The incubator will provide a maximum of 5 projects with support from professionals and business incubation experts to enable the proposals that will prove viable, to be presented to potential entrepreneurs/investors. The program lasts 6 months between Aprile 2022 and October 2022.


  1. The projects must involve at least two entrepreneurs, up to a maximum of 7 team members. One of the entrepreneurs must be a current student, an alumnus or professor of RBS Business School.
  2. The entrepreneurs should be committed to the project on a full time basis
  3. The project group members are expected to behave professionally with a sense of full commitment to the project.
  4. For current students only, to take part to the program additional requirements applies, as follow:
  • Current students must previously complete the initial Career Services enrolment. For further information on how to enrol in Rome Business School Career Services Department please contact [email protected]
  • Current students must be in line with their tuition payment plan as agreed and approved by the Rome Business School Administration Office, failing to provide evidence will result in denied access to Career Services programs and activities. Should the agreed tuition payment plan be interrupted, temporarily suspended, Rome Business School reserves the right to deny access to all Career Services activities and programs.
  • To promote our students’ professional self-orientation skills, the Rome Business School Career Service department will allow enrolled participants to test the Entrepreneurship program for a maximum of 45 days from the registration deadline. Changing the Career Services program within the given time frame implies that no exit penalty will be applied. Failing to respect the penalty-free deadline will result in the impossibility to enrol in alternative Career Services programs, such as the Career Services Employability path. For further information on Career Services paths differentiation please  visit Servizi alla carriera offerti da Rome Business School
  • During the Rome Business School 4 Entrepreneurship Project students will be encouraged to complete service quality surveys, which aim to improve the content of the activities included in our program and gather current entrepreneurial trends. Students will have 72 hours to complete and return each survey via email and/or link, failing to return the forms for more than two times during the overall process will result in being suspended from all activities and services until pending surveys become cleared.
  • Students who will choose to enrol in other Career Services Programs, such as Career Services Employability Path, will not be able to enrol in the second edition of RBS4Entrepreneurship taking place within the same academic year. Participation will be accepted only after having graduated from their Academic course of choice and completed the first Career Services program of choice with at least 80% participation rate. 


  1. Definition of suitable projects:
  • Projects related to any business area and sector that does not involve illegal activities or activities that are not aligned with the values of RBS Business School, such as businesses that harm or endanger other people or which create unhealthy habits.
  • Innovative projects.
  1. Project phase:
  • Incubation phase: An innovative business idea on which the entrepreneur is prepared to work on a full-time basis, working together on the creation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • The Evaluation Committee members reserve the right to allow established startups to participate within the final project selection for the Incubation program. Established startup members are required to have an interview with the RBS4Entrepreneurship Project Manager who will assess if the pre-existing venture is suitable for the Incubation program.


  1. Each project must complete the application form for the project submission, filling in all the required fields.
  2. The documentation required for the application process/project submission is the following:
  • Pitchdeck: slides of the project – mandatory
  • CV of team members – mandatory
  • Videopitch of the project – optional
  • Video presentation of the team – optional
  • Any other relevant extra material is a plus, in order to have a fully understanding of the project.

    Other relevant information is to be filled directly in the final application form.
  1. The deadline for the applications is on the 14nd of January 2022. No application received after this date will be accepted.


There will be a window of time to submit your applications, which will open and close in an established timeframe. The applications will be opened on the 26th of October 2021 and closed on the 14th of January 2022. We will not accept any project sent after the date.
Should special circumstances occur, the Incubator Coordinators reserve the right to extend the project submission deadline. 


1.Once the project submission period has finished, all the projects submitted will be assessed in order to ascertain their quality, bearing in mind the following evaluation criteria:

Team skills and capacities/heterogeneity + experience and passionThe team’s technical competences in specific disciplines (design, marketing, engineering, etc.), as well as their social skills (teamwork ability, communication skills, etc.) are a good mix in terms of heterogeneity, which will lead the project to a success. The team members’ experience in the vertical in which they want to undertake the project, as well as the passion for the reference industry.
Project innovation and viabilityThe identification of a specific problem to be solved with an innovative solution, which is technically feasible.
Business Model and market attractivenessThe identification of a sustainable and scalable business model to enter an interesting market in terms of potential market and growth trends.
Sustainability, social and environmental impact of the projectAbility to make a difference in the world through a sustainable business model, in all its aspects (economic, environmental and social)


  1. The successful candidates will be selected in line with the following process:
  • First filtering will be executed by Incubator’s coordinators.
  • Depending on the amount of project received, a Selection Day could be held in order to select the finalist teams which will get access to the incubation program.
    Further details about the Selection Day will be provided with advance notice.

A highly selected board of industry leaders and entrepreneurs will be in charge of the final selection of the projects which will be admitted to the incubation program.

  1. The final date to communicate the winners is within the end of February 2022.
  2. The final decision will be announced on the RBS channels and the successful teams will be contacted directly by the program’s management team using the contact details submitted on the registration form.


The projects admitted to the 6-months incubation program will benefit from a package of services (not convertible into cash), for the total estimated value of 10.000€, as listed below:

  1. Access to the RBS Creative Arena physical space, with equipment for working in.
  2. Virtual Access to the Innovation Platform where the project’s progresses will be constantly monitored and educational contents will be always available.
  3. Specific training through the Venture Labs: the training over the course of the project incubation period will cover the main themes such as:
  • Lean Methodology
  • Business model canvas
  • Competitors and market size
  • Customer Acquisition and Product/market fit
  • Financials
  • Fundraising and strategies
  • Pitch training
  • Days of training of elevator pitch with the coordinator and mentors.
  1. One-to-one mentorship: each project will have access to monthly appointments of mentoring with innovation experts with proven experience in educational programs on these themes, in order to support the Entrepreneurs in the first stage of the development. The mentors are professionals with a proven capacity for project monitoring providing their experience and objective knowledge to the project, as well as their analytical and feedback capacity.
  2. Roundtable: meetings and talks with the different players from the startup ecosystem in order to get a better understanding and knowledge, with the possibility to directly interact with them and ask them questions and advice.
  3. Progress monitoring and feedback during the whole process by the incubator’s coordinators.
  4. The above-mentioned services could be held in any of the following modes, depending on current needs and scenarios: 
  • On Campus at Rome Business School premises
  • Online with virtual platforms
  • Hybrid mode – blending On Campus and Online
  1. The above listed services will be totally equity free:Rome Business School will not apply any financial or equity charge to the selected Teams for the Incubation program


At the end of the incubation program, the startups will be admitted to the Pitch day, where the evaluation committee will proclaim the final winner (one project only). 

The winning startup will get a 2.500€ award in services (not convertible into cash), with the aim to support the project development during the first moments of the startup life.

The post-incubation services will be fully customizable on the startup needs: infact, at the beginning, specific milestones will be setup with the team members in order to get a tailor made program.

The post-incubation services reserved for the winning project will be delivered in 5-weeks time period between October 2022 and December 2022. It will include training and coaching sessions to guide and monitor the first steps of the project, necessary for an appropriate development and growth of the startup.

The provided services will include the followings:

  • Checkpoint: initial meeting to get aligned on the startup needs and to set the milestones to be achieved at the end of the post-incubation program.
  • Specific workshops (theoretical and practical) with the aim to deepen main topics that will be agreed with the team, based on its needs (i.e. Project Management for a better understanding and management of resources and tasks; Fundraising and Investment preparation such as startup evaluation, negotiation and related documents – i.e. business plan, Metrics & index to choose and set the right and relevant data to properly track the project evolution); for a total of 2 workshops.
  • Followup mentorship in order to fully understand the worshops’ concepts and have on-hands experience, applying the learnings in their own project and check the team progress, for a total of 2 mentorships.


  1. The participants give their express consent and authorization to RBS Business School to process their personal details and include them in files for the purpose of managing any relations with them. RBS Business School will process your personal details in order to manage its relations with you and to send you, via any means, information and commercial communications regarding our products and services similar to those that you have contracted. Your details will only be transferred to companies within our group if you give us your consent. You have the right to access, rectify and withdraw your personal data, as well as other rights, as explained in our privacy policy. I have read and accept the privacy policy:
  2. The participant can exercise their rights to access, rectify, cancel and oppose the use of their personal details by writing to the Professional Careers Departments.
  3. The selected projects will be the full and exclusive responsibility of the teams.
  4. The participants grant the right to use the materials involved in the entrepreneurial venture for internal and external communication.
  5. The participants agree to provide any documentation required (passport, data, authorizations, etc.) for the smooth performance of the activities.
  6. The Entrepreneurs and the Startup team agree to comply with the following obligations:

    a. To have all participating members working on their Project with a fully committed attitude or, at least, to elect one of the team members as a full-time Project manager. In all cases, participants are required to have a 80% level of engagement to the events and activities included within the Incubation phase. In the event of failure to meet this requirement, the Organizing Committee may cancel the Project’s participation in the program.

    b. To attend the in-person and online sessions and activities such as Venture Labs and Roundtables. The Entrepreneur or their team, as applicable, must attend the in-person and online sessions recommended by RBS, as well as the proposed monitoring meetings with mentors.

    c. The Entrepreneurs agree to provide all of the information requested by RBS in reference to the evolution of the project and the team over the course of the program.

    d. The Entrepreneurs authorize RBS to publicize the name of the Entrepreneur and the Project, as well as the trade name of the Project with which they are participating in the program, both before, during and after the program. Moreover, the Entrepreneurs authorize RBS Business School to reproduce, use and disseminate their image in any advertising or promotional activity related to the RBS HUB initiative, through any procedure and/or means, whether it be tangible or intangible, online or offline, particularly on the website of RBS Business School and/or the RBS Business School campus, without restriction in terms of time or location.

    e. With the aim of promoting the exchange of knowledge and collaboration between the participants, the Entrepreneurs authorize RBS to share the participants’ contact details with the other participants, as well as with any other people or organizations involved in the program.

    f. The Entrepreneurs agree to mention their participation in the RBS Entrepreneurship Lab program in all of their communications and press releases, as well as on their websites.
  7. RBS Business School and the Entrepreneur/Team shall sign an agreement at the start of the RBS HUB Incubation program setting out the rights and obligations of each of the parties.


Each Participant declares and guarantees that the Project:

  1. it is an original work, of which the Participant has the related intellectual property rights and economic exploitation rights;
  2. does not contain any trademark, logo or other element protected by the industrial property right or copyright owned by third parties, or that, where third party rights exist, the participant has previously obtained all the necessary authorizations and licenses from its owner;
  3. does not violate other rights of third parties, including, inter alia, patents, industrial secrets, rights deriving from contracts or licenses, rights of publicity or rights relating to privacy, moral rights or any other right worthy of protection;
  4. it is not the subject of a contract with third parties;
  5. does not include any defamatory content, representation, outrageous consideration or any other content that may damage the name, image and/or reputation of Rome Business School, the Program Partners or third parties;
  6. does not include violent, offensive, obscene, defamatory or discriminatory content of any kind;
  7. does not violate applicable laws.

Participants expressly declare for themselves and their successors in title to indemnify and hold the organizers fully harmless from any claim and/or claim for compensation for any reason advanced by third parties, for the violation of one of the provisions referred to in the previous points.

The establishment of any disputes in relation to the provisions of this article suspends the participation of the team involved in the Program with immediate effect.


The intellectual and industrial property of the Projects belongs to the Participants who developed and presented them.

The Participants, after the selection of their respective projects, will authorize Rome Business School to use the trademark and the distinctive signs of the Participants themselves and/or the products or services object of the selected projects for advertising and/or promotion purposes.

Each Participant assumes the burden and full responsibility of protecting the inventive and/or original aspects through the means they deem most suitable.


  1. The Organizing Committee is ultimately responsible for proper execution of the call for proposals.
  2. The Technical Office will process the registration applications and project reception. It will respond to any enquiries from the participants in relation to these processes by email at [email protected].
  3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make any changes to these Terms and Conditions that enable the improved attainment of the program’s objectives.
  4. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to cancel the participation of any Entrepreneur and their project immediately in the event that they are involved in any irregularity or breach any of the obligations specified in these Terms and Conditions.
  5. The Organizing Committee shall take a decision on any unforeseen cases that may arise and which are not specified in these Terms and Conditions.


The schedule for the Incubation program is as follows:  

  1. Application opening to submit the projects: 26th October 2021
  2. Submission of applications deadline: 14th January 2022
  3. Notification of the projects selected for the Incubation phase: by February 2022
  4. Beginning of the Incubation program: April 2022
  5. End of Incubation with the Pitch Day: October 2022 
  6. Post-Incubation services reserved for the winning startup:  between October and December 2022


  1. The Organizing Committee is responsible for deciding and announcing any changes or exceptions in relation to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. These Terms and Conditions shall take effect from the date of publication.
  3. Participation in the call for proposals signifies the participants’ knowledge and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the resolution of the contest shall be final.
  4. For any queries that may arise with respect to the interpretation of this document or for any legal disputes arising therefrom, the parties are subject to the jurisdiction and of the Courts and Tribunals of Rome, and they expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply

© Rome Business School. All rights reserved.

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