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The ‘InnovACTION’ Research Department was instituted following the decision to put to work those ideas in the field of scientific research that are relevant to the themes of interest to the Rome Business School, to uncover innovative data and information capable of boosting its development and facilitating its constant updating. Research carried out following rigorous scientific methods is an asset to protect and promote as it is essential to the development of a country and, in a wider perspective, of the whole world. The Rome Business School’s Research Department aims at carrying out research that is able to not only further knowledge in its fields of competency, but also to stimulate new ideas and interests. The main objective, therefore, is to include other higher education activities aimed at qualitatively and quantitatively enhancing the workplace human resources and to supply relevant and specific data of value for the enrichment of everyone’s cultural wealth.  


In order to carry out and complete its research activities in the best way possible, the Rome Business School collaborates with departments of two Italian Universities that contribute knowledge and tools towards the common objective of developing higher education in the field of Business and Marketing. The University Departments are: The Department of Educational Sciences, Workplace and Human Resource Psychology of the Roma Tre University (point of contact: Prof. Valeria Caggiano); The Training Process Department of the Catania University  


At present, three researches are in progress, relating to the following contexts:
  • Social Networks
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Student Mobility

The Questionnaires

Wherever possible, the Research Department aims, for its research needs, at developing online questionnaires and inserting them within the Rome Business School website to ensure their widespread diffusion and to increase the research sample population. The possibility to utilise online questionnaires is also very useful to achieve an international diffusion and reach subjects from all over the world through the simple emailing of the link related to the specific questionnaire.  

Future Results and Objectives

The Research Department aims at collecting and reaching unitary results to be included in research articles to be published in international publications and be presented at research conventions. The results thus achieved will also be made available to the Rome Business School’s website users, in order to broaden their interests and knowledge and to promote new stimuli and new ideas.

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