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Intercultural Differences between Spain and Italy Regarding School Bullying, Gender, and Age

Figures for Italy in both 2021 and 2022 showed approximately 32,600 cases, while Spain had 69,554 severe bullying cases during the same year.
02/11/2023 Academic Research Download PDF

The objectives of this research were to establish the differences between Spain and Italy regarding the presence of bullying in primary and secondary schools, as well as to determine whether there are differences between experiencing or perpetrating bullying and gender and age in the practice of school bullying. To assess the EBIPQ scores in terms of country and gender, the chisquared test was used, and ANOVA was applied for age. A total of 1536 students from primary and secondary schools in Spain and Italy participated in the study. Their ages ranged from 10 to 19 years (mean = 13.01, standard deviation = 2.19). The results revealed statistically significant differences in terms of bullying categories concerning the country of origin and gender, with a higher number of Italian participants in the role of “no victim aggress” and Spanish participants in the roles of “victim” and “victim and aggress”. Additionally, there were more boys in the role of “victim and aggress” and girls in the role of “no victim aggress”. Regarding age, statistically significant differences were found, with older students taking on the role of “aggress” on average, while younger students assumed the role of “victim”.



Antonio Ragusa, Ana Isabel Obregón-Cuesta, Emma Di Petrillo, Eduardo Maria Moscato, Jessica Fernández-Solana, Valeria Caggiano and Jerónimo J. González-Bernal.