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Part time jobs: a plot twist in a student’s life

Gaining some work experience, some extra pocket money and a bit of independency. Is it all a part time job has to offer?

Part-time jobs are a crucial point into a student’s life. Looking for entire weeks the right employment that won’t interfere with your career; finding the right spot for you in order not to waste your time doing something you find useless. Part-time jobs, in facts, hide a lot of qualities most of us don’t even think about. 

Making some extra money: Whatever this is your first experience in the part-time jobs reality or not, the first reason is obvious. Some extra money is always a pleasure. 

Gaining work experience: Any work experience in your life will give a contribution to your CV. Why not?

Time management skills: A part-time job can help you managing your time. In a real work environment, it is a crucial skill.

Networking: In life, you never know. A simple part-time job can, eventually, turn into a life occasion. Meeting the right person at the right time, seizing the right opportunity in the right place.

Soft skills development: Even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like that, a part time job is an incredible resource to build up your soft skills. In Italy, and in Rome especially, occasions for part-time jobs can be found almost everywhere. There are many methods to actually find one. 

The old-fashion way of leaving your CV all over: Have a walk and hand your CV in every place you bump into. Restaurants, pubs, shops. All of this place can be hiding a position waiting for you.

Web platforms: The web is nowadays an incredibly important place where to find any kind of job. It can definitely help you out. 

Word of mouth: In Italy the word of mouth has always worked. Call it networking, socializing or word of mouth, one thing is sure: it works. 

What about your expectation here in Rome? Are you planning to look for a part-time job?