Rome Business School – Graduation Ceremony 2021

Rome Business School is pleased and proud to announce the Graduation 2021 ceremony, dedicated to the students of the MBA, Master and Executive Master courses of the academic years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The most important event of the year, celebrating the successful results achieved by the protagonists of the Rome Business School reality, opens with a ceremony dedicated to talent, innovation, and culture.  Sharing is the key word, aimed to create an increasingly brilliant future full of new opportunities.

Rome Business School’s staff together with lecturers, business partners, members of the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB), including important top managerial and leadership profiles within an international scenario, affiliated global institutions as well as exceptional guests, present to congratulate our young professionals and future leaders who attended the courses in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 intakes.

The Graduation 2021 will take place in streaming on October the 1st, 2021 enabling students to access from different countries around the world.  More than 161 nationalities and over 1500 participants, are those who with dedication and courage have pursued more than just a completion of a Business Course in such an unprecedent historical moment.  They have learned to look at challenges from different perspectives, combining cultures, ideas, skills, and knowledge from all over the world with an active learning educational experience capable of revolutionizing their approach to meet the job market and aiming towards a full career development.

With a succession of various exciting moments and surprises, the 2021 graduation represents a unique experience which, in this particular year, has also been made possible with the aid of an interactive digital platform allowing full interaction between the participants.

Patron of the event is Daniele Maver, President and CEO of Jaguar – Land Rover Italy, an outstanding figure on the International Leadership field and representative of one of the most prestigious automotive brands worldwide.

Maver has always encouraged young talents to “stick to their dreams” and keep their ambitions high: “It’s a very important moment for each of you” he says “you will face new challenges, strengthened by the skills acquired during your Master at Rome Business School. An important day not only for students but for the entire world. There have been many transformations and changes following COVID19. Climate change, new methods of business management and development, such as Smart Working and the introduction of innovations that are literally changing the world. You are the protagonists of this change, through specific knowledges but above all soft skills, essential to better manage future challenges and still unknown opportunities of growth.”

Among the international guests, we have José Luis Fernández Martínez, General Director at EAE Business School, Grupo Planeta Formacion y Universidades, opening the ceremony with a warm welcome speech.

The future is in the hands of new professionals, those who have decided to invest in Rome Business School, developing skills that will make the difference such as analytical thinking, innovation and active learning. Giving full vent to their creativity, originality and initiative, the starting point for facing even the most complex realities, and transforming them into great occasions.

Together, through Italy’s most international community of students and professionals, Rome Business School works every day to provide the best solution for a full personal and professional development.

Speak to the undergraduates Stefano Orfei, Program Director of the Master in Project Management and PMI’s Authorized Training Partner Instructor.

“Congratulations! The Graduation is one of the most important moments in your professional life is the beginning of your path to build a better future and a successful career. I am grateful to have met each of you, students from all over the world, a unique enrichment from a professional and personal point of view. Diversity is a fundamental element for growth, working with people from different cultures and countries, it opens the mind and leads to innovative solutions even in the most complex job context. Continue to grow your passion for culture and diversity, the only key of growth and development. Good luck to you Leaders of tomorrow.”

“It has been a great honour, to have been your teacher” says Alessio Postiglione, Program Director of the Master in Corporate Communication Management and Media Relationship Coordinator at Formiche.

“You now have the opportunity to show to the world all the skills acquired and the knowledge developed during the master, we have discussed many important things such as the power of communication, advertising and its influences. By implementing your knowledge you will be able to improve the world and the society, building a better future for each of us.”

Life is 10% about what happens to you and 90% about how you react to it.
– Charles R. Swindoll –

Probably the phrase that best reflects us and that most strongly explains our situation.” Words by Luna Nguien, Master’s student in Human Resources Management and Organization “We started the course in a crisis situation without being able to meet in person, but this didn’t stop us. In March 2020 we gave birth to the Cultural Bazar, the most multicultural RBS’s event, for the first time entirely online. The learning opportunities that I obtained thanks to my studies are endless, ending, thanks to the support of my teachers and Career Services, in a working experience with the United Nations. Where I am currently still employed.”

“Rome Business School is, for now, our last stop and the best for me. I am happy to have studied in such a prestigious and international institute, creating such a special bond with my class mates” Claudio Capretti, Master in Human Resources Management “from the first day you could breathe the air of a real family, including fellow teachers and staff. I would like to thank all those people who have made this path possible, through a mentality open to the world, to diversity and to collaboration, with whom I have carried out fundamental activities for my training path.”

Innovation, young people, talent, diversity, inclusion, ethics and sustainability, all summed up in an event dedicated to higher education. Rome Business School is pleased to see the Managers of tomorrow growing and getting ready to face the challenges of the modern business, driven by passion and resilience, acting in synergy with various international realities, starting from the most global Business School in Italy, to create a better future.

Better Manager for a Better World
Graduation Ceremony 2021

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