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Ferrari @ Rome Business School

“Ferrari GT Marketing Academy” talent program 

We collaborate with Ferraris in therms of student’s internship opportunities and Business insights. We constantly gain knowledge and inspiration from one of the main Brand symbol of the Italian excellence worldwide.

“I believe that factories are made of machines, walls and peoples. Ferrari is made most of all by people. “

Enzo Ferrari

Ferrari has always placed people and passions at the center of its production process and sporting competitions, starting from employees and their families, up to customers to the entire community. Our meeting with one of the brands that better represents the “Made in Italy” excellence abroad, highlighted how much the success of a company comes not only from the quality of its products but as well from the work and passion of those who work every day, to make it unique.

  • Emotion
  • Individuality and Team
  • Passion and Excellence
  • Tradition and Innovation
  • Integrity

These are the main values ​​of Ferrari, key to its greatness and driving force of its continuous development. Today, the company has dedicated offices across 11 locations all over the world, from Europe, Asia to Oceania. 

And Ferrari has specific programs for the health and wellbeing for its employees (and their families) called the “Formula Uomo, Formula Donna and Formula Benessere” which has changed the face of factories thanks to the best technologies in terms of safety and well-being. The full program includes employee welfare, attention to medical support and prevention (example annual medical check-ups, including for employees’ children), subsidies for school books along with meritocracy-awards, a company restaurant with diversified menus including the daily “piatto Benessere”, dedicated sports/fitness facilities and sports associations. But also training and development for employees, a Ferrari-Master program (developed with nearby Bologna Business School) and more.

Ferrari’s commitment to Sustainability is reflected also in the strategic commitment across 5 pillars, and in line with United Nations sustainability program: 

5 Pillars of Ferrari Sustainability Strategy

1) Exceed expectations

Driving technological innovation by pursuing excellence in design and craftsmanship to keep the passion of customers and fans alive. Innovation and customer satisfaction require a structured process with key indicators to evaluate customers’ opinion on products, services and events, and their overall experience, which is why Ferrari collaborates in synergy with other organizations and international bodies, including universities and research centers.

2) Proactively promote a governance based on best practices.

Maintain Ferrari’s corporate governance and risk management systems aimed at guaranteeing ethical behavior, while offering high and sustainable returns.

3) Be the Employer to choice for current staff and future employees

Offer an ethical, educational and stimulating work environment to unleash everyone’s passion, creativity and talent. At Ferrari, the products’ quality and excellence are directly linked to the working environment and employees’ professional growth. Precisely to this purpose, the brand invests every year in the development of team skills, in safety and social security for employees and their families, specific training and medical examinations. And even more so in the current “Covid” situation and the dedicated “Back on Track” program.

4) Reduction of environmental impact

Increase environmental awareness by continuously implementing related programs and actions. Ferrari aims to improve the efficiency of its production processes, while still reducing emissions from production plants and vehicles. In fact, in 2019 the company produced 35% less missions than in 2014, and decreased by another 15% in 2020. 

In addition, the company also presented at the beginning of 2019 the first hybrid Ferrari range model (and prior already, in 2013, the LaFerrari first hybrid “super-car”). This certainly represents the starting point of a new and more environmentally involved era. During 2020, Ferrari also initiated a process of calculating the carbon footprint on a subset of products and processes – an essential factor in achieving the long-term “carbon neutrality” goal.

The program to reduce polluting emissions by improving the efficiency of both cars and production processes, adopting the highest ecological standards for newly built buildings, in full coverage of its energy needs with a “Trigeneration plant” and with renewable sources.

5) Create and share value within the community.

Encourage strategic partnerships and the creation of positive externalities for all stakeholders. Ferrari is a global Group deeply rooted in the Motor Valley community, its primary goal is to promote activities to support education. It actively supports orientation and job projects for young talents by offering students and young executives the opportunity to collaborate with the company in their thesis and research projects in various market areas such as: Engineering, Marketing, Luxury, but also Tourism, considering the presence of two museums entirely dedicated to the Italian brand.

But also supporting local and regional hospitals and organizing charitable events in order to benefit those in need.

Every day Ferrari looks for young talents, to be included in the team as strong assets for future development.  In fact, the company always opens its doors through internship programs in the various European and international offices of the group: Maranello (for Engineering, Manufacturing as well as Marketing and Commercial profiles), London, Wiesbaden and Shanghai.

Ideal figures to become part of team Ferrari have an international spirit, oriented to sharing knowledge and collaborating, always with an eye to growth. Not only growth related to the company but also and especially continuous personal, professional growth, to support and take part in a more ethical, innovative and sustainable future.

For info and collaborations with Ferrari ask our Career Services department.