James Whittle

James Whittle is a writer and marketing professional who has been working in an online context since the early days of the Web. He has created, managed and marketed the web presence of dozens of organisations, from government to international NGOs, for two decades.

He believes strongly in the matching of theory to practice – addressing the question not just of why something should be done, but of how it can be done – and the practical effects of each action. In addition to strategic theory, key principles are therefore taught ‘from the ground up’, giving students a rounded understanding of the extremely diverse subjects that this field of study incorporates. It is James’s philosophy that comprehension of underlying technologies allows far greater flexibility and adaptability when devising and applying strategy, as well as facilitating greater empathy with the practical effect of strategies on the target market.

James began his online career editing the world’s first online trading portal in Connecticut, US, and has also worked in Hong Kong, Thailand, Ireland, the UK and Italy. Organisations to which he has brought his expertise include BMW, the UK Government, Serco, GfK, and SDL International.

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