Sile O’Broin

Sile holds a BA (Hons) in International Marketing and Languages (Spanish and French) from Dublin City University and achieved a Master’s Degree in Chinese in 2000. Sile also holds an MSc in International Cooperation and Development from La Sapienza University. She teaches marketing and communication, online marketing and entrepreneurial psychology al MA level.

In addition to teaching at the Rome Business School, Sile has been working as a communication consultant with the Rome-based specialised agencies of the United Nations, namely IFAD, FAO and WFP, writing publications, reports, press releases, articles and strategies since 2011.

She started her professional career as Marketing Adviser for the Irish Trade Board Spain, as Marketing Analyst with Ford Credit Europe Italy and, subsequently, in Belgium first with the European Commission then later as freelance consultant for E.U. projects, where she monitored aspects of the relations between the E.U. and China with regards to taxation, trade and intellectual property and has organised the initial stages of the Brussels E.U.-China Business Forum.

In Ireland, as Deputy Project Manager with the Irish Management Institute, Sile was responsible for business development and worked with major universities and government agencies, forming alliances for E.U. funded projects. She worked in two EU programmes in China as liaison officer, developing relations related to the strengthening of the Intellectual Property Rights system in China. For the European Chamber of Commerce in China, Sile managed the first E.U.-Asian networking conference, which is now a yearly event, rotating in various Asian countries. She also facilitated the creation of a communications strategy for the Quality Brands Protection Committee; an 81 member coalition fighting against counterfeit products in China.

Sile has been a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee in China, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Working Group (2002 – 2003), where she launched the first ever survey of U.S. companies’ CSR policies in China and co-wrote the 2003 CSR White Paper for the annual report of the American Chamber of Commerce.

She was President of the Irish Club of Rome in 2006-2007 and led the Communications division for the Roberto Wirth Fund for deaf and dead blind children. She belongs to the Professional Women’s Association and part of the executive committee in 2010-2011.

Sile speaks English, French, Spanish, Italian fluently and has rusty Chinese.

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