Welcome to Rome Business School! Rome Business School is extremely proud to offer our students the World Class education in an international environment.

At Rome Business School, your environment is guaranteed to be international and multicultural, whereas your surrounding community is Italian. This way, students at Rome Business School get to have the best-of-both-worlds experience.

As an international student, moving to a completely new location/city isn’t always easy. But not to worry, the Student Services team are here to provide our students all the support they may need in order to make their arrival and life in Rome a pleasant one.

The Student Services provide a wide range of support to Rome Business School’s students, from finding an accommodation to getting a visa and residence permit.

Rome Business School students are always encouraged to gain a true understanding of how to “do as the Romans do” while studying at one of the most International Business Schools in Italy, Rome Business School.

But…of course in order to “do as the Romans do“, students must be aware of how much things cost in Rome, Italy.

*Note that prices may vary depending on location and service provider.


Cost of Living in Rome (PDF):


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