Damiano Femfert

Damiano Femfert works in both the commercial and non-commercial sectors of the art-world. Through his family’s art gallery “DIE GALERIE”, which represents artists like Masson, Ernst, Dalì, Chagall, Matta, Mitoraj and Hundertwasser, he is a regular participant at art fairs like the Armory Show in New York, the BRAFA in Brussels or the Art Paris. In 2014 he curated a special booth during Art Basel proposing a dialogue between modern and contemporary art. In 2015 in Singapore he curated the first large retrospective of André Masson in Asia. In 2016 he curated the large-scale exhibition “CoBrA. A Great European Avantgarde” in the Museo del Corso in Rome, with over 150 works coming from the most prestigious museums in Europe. He holds a degree in Literature from the Sapienza University in Rome and in Screenwriting from the National Italian Film School. He was selected as one of the six participants of the prestigious “Gallerist Programme” of the art institute De Appel in Amsterdam. His writings on art and art-business have been published in catalogues and international newspapers.

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