Everything You Need to Know About Video Interviews

In times when everything is becoming remote, video interviews are certainly a matter to be tackled. If you’ve naver taken part in one, it’s important to start getting the hang of it as soon as possible and become familiar with something that might seem so unnatural and uncomfortable at the beginning. Not to worry thuogh, today we will give you all the information and useful tips you need to become a pro!

First of all, it is important to discern between live and pre-recorded video interviews. Live video interviews take place between the recruiter and the candidate, in real-time. They are very similar to real, in-person interviews and give the opportunity to interact. Examples of the most common softwares used for these kinds of interviews are Hangout, Skype, Webex and Zoom. On the other hand, pre-recorded interviews contain a set of fixed answers to which the candidate will need to answer. The recruiter usually sends the candidate a link containing the questions and the candidate will then proceed to record him or herself while answering the questions. The video will the be submitted to the hiring manager and further evaluation will follow. 

Regardless of the video-interview mode, here are some useful tips that will make your digital experience a success:

Do a test run: Before the interview, perform a few test runs of the software you’ll be using for the interview to ensure it works properly. If required, download any plugins or applications required to run the software. In addition, check the camera and microphone, make sure that they work and that the camera is facing you professionally and properly. Don’t forget to check the wifi! Connection needs to be optimal. If not, find an alternative place to participate in  the interview: a coffee shop, friends’ house, relatives’ house, etc. 

Charge your computer: Make sure your computer, tablet, or laptop is fully charged before the interview takes place. You wouldn’t want the interview to get interrupted right during your pitch!

Dress appropriately: Even though your interview is virtual, this doesn’t mean that the recruiter can’t see you. Dreass as though the interview were in-person. Not only will this give the interviewee a good impression, but it will also help you feel more confident during the interview. Wear neutral-colored clothing that’s neatly pressed. And, while it may be tempting to forego professional bottoms since the interviewee typically only sees your top half, you should still wear in professional pants or skirt to avoid an embarrassing mishap should you have to stand up.

Choose a quiet and well-lit space: when participating in a video interview, it’s essential to choose a spot that is free of loud noises or inconvenient distractions and interruptions. Episodes of this kind are unprofessional and could negatively affect the recruiter’s impression of you. If you’re going to do the interview in a place where other people are present, put a sign on the door to inform that you’re in an interview and that no one should come in. Another good idea would be to also put a note on your front door, so mail deliverers or neighbours will not ring your doorbell. 

Get the right lightingn: Don’t forget to make sure that the chosen room for the interview has good lighting, so the recruiter can see you properly. The lighting should illuminate your face You want lighting that illuminates your face, but it must not be overly bright and white. Natural illumination is the ideal.

Practice good body language: once more, just because the interview is via video doesn’t mean the recruiter can’t see you. Body language is just as important as it is during in-person interviews. If real-time, maintain eye contact throughout the video interview by looking at the webcam when answering questions rather than at the interviewer’s face on the screen. This will align your eyes with the hiring manager’s, emulating eye-to-eye contact.

Speak clearly: during video interviews, microphones and speakers can lead to incomprehension. For this reaon, it is important to speak clearly, directly into your computer’s microphone. This will ensures that the interviewer properly understands you and doesn’t have to strain to hear what you’re saying. In addition, it is good practice to pause after speaking, as digital interviews often have a certain time difference between when you speak and when the recruiter hears what you said. Additionally, wait a few seconds after the recruiter is done speaking before answering to avoid talking over him or her, or missing something they say.

 Log in a Few Minutes Early: if you had a live interview at 3:00 pm, would you walk in at 3:00 pm, or even 2:59 pm? Definitely not! Likewise, last-minute attendance for video-interviews are not professional. Prepare your computer by closing all extra windows and tabs, open up the program where your video interview will take place 5 minutes early, check your shot and enter. Some softwares will need the recruiter to open the virtual room before you can gain access, in this case wait and be ready to enter as soon as the recruiter virtually presents him or herself.

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