Sales Techniques


Within the marketing process, the sale phase plays a decisive role for the attainment of the business objectives that a company has set itself. The steps that lead to the achievement of these objectives are the identification and qualification of potential customers, the customer pre-approach, , the approach, the presentation and demonstration, the management of objections,, the closing and the follow-up. The Rome Business School’s Sales techniques course tackles these themes with an approach that puts together the most advanced conceptual perspectives, operational experiences and practical case studies.


This course will provide you with the competency necessary to satisfy customer needs and the motivational energy to maximize all sales opportunities. Specifically, the Rome Business School’s Sales techniques course is aimed at teaching you how to:
  • become an excellent salesperson, improving your personal attitude and competencies
  • identify opportunities to attract new customers
  • implement a structured and proven sales process that will allow you to maximize results
  • ask effective questions that will lead to overcoming customer purchase objections and to increase sales levels
  • correctly identify customer needs, suggest a suitable solution and close the sale
  • deal with any objection that may be raised
  • differentiate yourself from the competition and increase sales through repeats and referrals
The course’s open and participatory style guarantees that the competencies learnt will not be forgotten.[/su_spoiler]


Do you need to attract more customers, improve conversion rates, increase existing customers’ lifetime value or achieve your sales targets? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is the course for you.The Sales Techniques course will be beneficial for persons with sales experience who wish to update their competencies and also new salespersons who intend to develop a more positive attitude, increase their self confidence and learn how to exploit all sales opportunities to the max.


How to become an excellent salespersonHow to develop and present an effective value propositionThe sale process and its phasesTrue differentiation as a source of competitive advantage and sales success

Teaching methods

In line with the Rome Business School’s general approach and the best international standards, the course is designed with the aim of providing excellent training with an emphasis to its concrete application in the job, professional and company markets.Therefore, the course involves both mainly one way teaching phases – to accurately transfer the reference conceptual models – and practical application sessions aimed at developing your operational and management capabilities.Your progress in the subjects taught will be tested and consolidated through exercises related to actual managerial cases.

Modes of attendance

This course can be attended in three ways:
  1. On campus
  2. On line, via a cutting-edge web platform
  3. In house, i.e. at your workplace


Whichever way you choose to take the course, you will receive:CERTIFICATEAt the end of the course, you will be presented with a named participation certificate.HIGH QUALITY LECTURESOur teachers are renowned trainers and managers who come from a multitude of operational and professional environments. They are therefore able to bring a wealth of up to date experience and competency.LEARNING MATERIALSAll participants in this course will be provided with a wealth of documentation, including slide presentations, case studies and exercises.CAREER-SERVICEIf you wish, participation in this course will entitle you to:Having your CV inserted in the Rome Business School database and distributed to companies, organizations and head hunters of the Rome Business School’s international network;The review and editing of your CV;Support in managing your job interviews.REGISTRATION IN THE ROME BUSINESS SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONParticipation in the Master’s course entitles you to be enrolled in the Rome Business School Alumni Association, the international network through which students of the Rome Business School can share ideas, experiences and projects.

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