Rome Business School’s new cooperation agreements with Cyprus Institute of Marketing

In the face of the recent sanitary emergency, that forced us to temporarily review our lifestyle and the way we conduce our activities, Rome Business School implemented its tools to ensure the ordinary developing of all the didactic activities. To this purpose we joined the forces with our international partners, collaborating and supporting each other, to continuing sharing knowledge with our students, because we believe that even if it seems that the entire world is taking a break the future is around the corner and we are the force that moves it.

The renewed cooperation with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing, the very first Business School in Cyprus which operates in Nicosia and then Limassol since 1978 and has more than forty years of experience in the field of business education including topic such as Management, Accounting & Finance, Shipping, Tourism, Banking and many others, will provide both the business schools with the most proper and effective instruments to keep up on spreading information. Such as the one of the collaboration of the Rome Business School Research Center and The Cyprus Center for Business Research at CIM, that will optimize co-joint publications in co-shared areas of interest with the goal of disseminate thesis and experts insight about various businesses and businesses sectors, expand academic knowledge on different topics through research, coordinate projects that aim to provide further scientific developments, share knowledge and promote business networking between academics, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

Trough the collaboration with the Cyprus Institute of Marketing we will also develop our online learning methodology which will give access to the students of both of the campuses to all their learning facilities even from distance and especially during this lockdown period.

In this respect, Rome Business School and The Global Business University – Europe, the area of the Cyprus Institute of Marketing dedicated to interactive and online learning, combined the forces to reach an even more broad public with an innovative and modern range of online training and master courses. As us the virtual learning area of the Cyprus Institute of Marketing has as main goal the one of allowing students coming from all over the world to get access to post – graduate and professional business paths and studies.

With all that said Rome Business School is now proud to promote as well its own customized range of Online Short Courses which may best suit the needs of the international partners and companies all around the world, granting the excellence of the e-learning certified techniques with the comfort of staying at home or following your classes from anywhere you are and form any electronic device.

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