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For our set of meetings and talks with some of the most famous Italian brands on the national and international soil, we met Aurelio Capaldi, Rai correspondent, engaged with some of the most important international sporting events: Champions finals and world championships in South Africa, Brazil and Russia, interviewing some of the top football managers worldwide.

We focused our talk with Rai Sport precisely on the managerial aspects of the football industry.

Credibility, ethics and respect for others are the main characteristics of an high-level leader. As well as:

Hope, a leader must be able to protect his dream and through a strong passion to successfully achieve corporate and team goals. 

Style, what differentiates us, what makes us unique, what our actions look like and the way we carry them out. 

Communication and words, leader recognizes the importance of the messages that are transmitted, especially in the football field illuminated daily by countless amounts of media, whose protagonists live under the spotlight. Words persuade, inform, feed passion and guide dreams. 

Curiosity, ideas do not come from nothing. They arise when curiosity pushes towards knowledge, itself becoming the basis of all innovations. 

Humility, recognizing one’s limits is what drives towards continuous improvement, getting involved and consequent growth, recognizing as fundamental not one’s own well-being but that of the team.

Charisma, the presence of a great charisma must certainly be recognized in all great leaders. A spirit capable of guiding and supporting the team in any circumstances. Of course, even during losing times he is still a leader.

In sports there are various leading types of figures with different qualities and characteristics. Usually the leader is not proclaimed by himself but he is nominated, even tacitly, by the group. It is possible to recognize 3 types of leaders:

  • The Technical leader;
  • The Charismatic leader;
  • The Silent leader:

Technical leader

The technical leader is the one who, when is on the field, unleashes all his talent and all his imagination through technique, within a team instead, he is the person who manages to solve obstacles and, to whom other people, rely on in times of need and that through his immense technique manages to do things that other players are not able to. A football example is the former player Andrea Pirlo. For many in the middle of the field he was the teacher. His technique, added to his vision of the game, or rather the panoramic vision of the game, are undoubtedly the qualities that make him stand out within a team.

Charismatic leader

The charismatic leader is the one who literally drags you with his charisma, pulling without pressure on theteam work. When he is in a locker room, the feeling is comparable to a light that turns on and illuminates everything. Many people are attracted from charismatic people. They are the ones who deal with the referees, with the management, with the opponents. They become a determining factor because they are able with their inner strength to raise the performative level as well as to themselves of all the team – mates. Charisma is often associated with a form of aura that envelops its owner.

Silent leader

Silent leaders are peculiar players. Often words or giving orders are peculiarities of great leaders. Silent leaders, on the other hand, are recognized for their merits. They are those special players who, manages to influence the energy of his teammates. Franco Baresi was one of the greatest defenders that football has ever had. A person who played against him said of him: “he spoke little but at his sign everyone moved. He was an idol of mine and in front of him I paralyzed myself, with his eyes, with his intense blue eyes, he was capable of intimidating anyone”.

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