Insight Interview with Professor Riccardo Orfei

Riccardo Orfei, made his long career in the ICT field, starting as a system engineer (1974). Later (1987) he was appointed technical area manager and finally project manager, leading small to large size projects.

In 1999, he gained his PMI (Project Management Institute) PMP (Project ManagementProfessional) certificationand is currently in good standing, member of the PMI and of the RomeItaly Chapter.

He teaches Project Management, has a degree in Education Sciences and is a member of the AIF (Associazione Italiana Formatori – Italian Educators Association) where he is involved in the “Professionals Educating Professionals” community of practice. Speaks English and Spanish.

1. Was education important in your family growing up?

My parents weren’t much educated as they both came from working class families and, at that time, working early was considered to be more helpful to the family’s economics than spending time and money (which was possibly not available) to get a formal, full education. This notwithstanding, they considered education for me and my brother to be of the utmost importance and were proud to see us succeeding in our studies.

2. Can you say something about your experiences in Europe?

I was born in Italy and have always lived here, so I have always considered myself to be a European and Western culture man.

3. How do you motivate yourself to deal with challenging tasks?

I had to face many troubles during my life, and I always struggled to get through and overcome them. When I am challenged by some new issue, I don’t give up and keep saying to myself that I can make it, like I already did in the past… and it works!

4. What inspires you about teaching?

I like to think that I don’t teach, actually, but, rather, that I help people to learn. Caring for people is the key for a good educational practice.

5. What are your top expectations from students?

I would like my students be fighters, willing to grow up and develop themselves as women and men of value, striving to build a better future for their dear ones, their Countries, and the whole of mankind.

6. What tips can you give to students regarding personal development?

Study a little every day, talk to each other, get to learn from your peers, from your models, and, mostly, from your errors.

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