II Evento PMI Central Italy Chapter – Mastering the Requirements Process and Agile Leadership

On November 5th 2019, as every year, we hosted the II Event of the PMI CENTRAL ITALY -MASTERING THE REQUIREMENTS PROCESS AND AGILE LEADERSHIP, an opportunity to discuss the current Agile Leadership techniques.

What does Mastering the Requirements Process mean?

Requirements management is a fundamental aspect for the project to be successful. 

However, the methods to use them are profoundly different, depending on whether the approach followed is traditional or Agile. Suzanne and James Robertson, in their book “Mastering the Requirements Process” propose a specific, flexible and effective method to deal with this process and ensure that the Business Analyst does not lose sight of the most significant aspects of the product scope. In this way the method makes it possible to carry out a complete and correct analysis of the requirements and puts the developers in the best conditions to get the most appropriate solution.

What is Agile Leadership?

We keep on hearing about this leadership, but what does it means? The term was coined in 1970 and of course it is mostly used by all the Agile projects. There are different advantages coming from this approach like greater spirit of collaboration between the team members, to better project results, a higher morale and in general and a greater growth of all the parts involved in the project. Facing these and other benefits, however, it must be emphasized that the transition to a “servant” mentality is often a long and very demanding journey. 

The event helped the participants to understand better the characteristics of the servant leadership to be able to implement it in their Project Management activities.

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