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Theresa Perez: my life as an entrepreneur after Rome Business School

04 January 2019|

  Theresa Perez lives in Brooklyn, NY. She is a business and marketing consultant for entrepreneurs in arts & culture,…

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Rome Business School supports New York Summit 2018

28 June 2018|

Organized by the “Inspiring Committed Leaders Foundation”, NYS – New York Summit is the most relevant event of Excellence, Management…

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Insight Interview with Professor Costas Piliounis

15 June 2018|

Costas Piliounis is the Managing Director of PNValue and a faculty member of Rome Business School. He has over 30…

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The abysmal state of politics in African countries: A final imperative call for change

12 June 2018|

As theorized by Darwin, life began in Africa, and scientists have postulated incessantly and unanimously in their findings that development…

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Rome Business School continues its collaboration with the Nigerian embassy in Italy

11 June 2018|

On Tuesday 5 June 2018, in Rome, the Rome Business School’s President and Founder Antonio Ragusa and Academic Supervisor Melanie…

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Insight Interview with Professor Giosuè Prezioso

06 June 2018|

After obtaining a degree in art history and Italian studies at the American University John Cabot University (magna cum laude),…

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“Let health know no boundaries”

01 June 2018|

E-health and telemedicine are the only tools that guarantee us that health will be boundless; this means that, anywhere in…

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Future Leaders at Technological Innovation and Circular Economy Summit in Spain

28 May 2018|

The Advanced Leadership Foundation (ALF) is now accepting applications for 300 influential leaders from Spain to attend their Technological Innovation…

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Insight Interview with Professor Andrea Geremicca

25 May 2018|

I am passionate and a scholar of exponential technologies such as: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3D Printing and more. I…

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My CV vs. your online application form

18 May 2018|

“We appreciate your nicely put CV. Now kindly fill out our online application” Let me start off by saying that…

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Stepping Across the Stage and Into the Future

17 May 2018|

The evening of May 12th, 2018 was a monumental occasion that marked the final step of many student’s journeys at…

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Rome Business School’s company visit at Ferrovie Dello Stato S.p.A.

15 May 2018|

On May 14, 2018, the students in the Master in Marketing and Communications attended an enjoyable company visit at Ferrovie…

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